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Change management is one of the hottest topics within the management domain. Change impacts all companies, all the time. Consequently companies spend tons of money and resources into hiring experts that assist in the change management process. The goal of a change management process is to ensure that the process of change is a smooth one, with the least amount of employee dissatisfaction, and to make sure that employee productivity doesn’t fall.

Mervyn Murray – Leadership and Management Specialist

Are your managers having to slot Appraisals into their busy day? Have you ever found yourself wondering if you are squeezing enough value from this important process?

There are many symptoms of a poor Appraisal System, here are just 3 symptoms to look for:

A recent report by the Hay Group, suggests that our leadership requires an overhaul, the report highlights that only 18% of leaders are able to create a motivating environment for their employees.  

It is recognised that good leadership has the ability to motivate and engage staff, impacting positively on production and standards. 

It is that time of year again and the DSM team are preparing to go to WOL14. Come and discuss your organisation’s learning and development requirements for 2015.

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